Connect Forecast & Xero for better project invoicing

Integrate Xero and Forecast to improve visibility and communication between project delivery teams, accounting & clients.

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Get paid for the work you do

Get real-time insights into outstanding money across the entire portfolio and billing type. Monitor the balance on a client level and keep project delivery teams and clients in sync.

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Bring your billable-work information seamlessly into Xero

Ensure invoicing accuracy populating logged time and expenses on projects into invoices with ease. Connect Forecast with Xero and see logged payments automatically. 

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Accurately track time and expenses

Monitor planned, actuals, and invoiced to keep the entire team, every stakeholder, and client in the loop when the project is progressing.

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Maximize profitability and minimize risk

Evaluate the financial success of your entire project portfolio. Improve your project profitability and gain powerful insights into your business with up-to-the-minute updates.

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Connect all your existing tools

Forecast bridges your disconnected systems to centralize all project data for AI modeling, without the productivity loss of forcing a new interface and workflows onto your team.

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The Forecast & Xero integration makes it easy to empower the project teams to invoice the client straight from the project insight view."

Paul Oosthuizen — CEO

Add certainty to your invoices

Invoice all your project work by integrating Forecast and Xero
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