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PSA for Xero

Know your one truth from Projects to Accounting


Connect projectto 

Align the work you do with the work you get paid for. Manage your projects from proposal to invoicing with time tracking, expense reporting and budgeting.


Maximize profitability 
and minimize risk

Have certainty in evaluating the success of your projects. Improve your project profitability and gain powerful insights into your business. 


More than just 
Project Management

Integrate solutions and see all your resources, projects and invoices. Deliver your projects on time & within budget, with the right team to finish the job. 


Invoice all your projects work with certainty via the
Forecast and Xero Integration.

"I was delighted when I saw that our favorite project management tool, Forecast.app, added the Xero integration - making it easy to empower the project teams to invoice the client straight from the project insight view."

Paul Oosthuizen, CEO at I|O
with Forecast since 2017