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Connect your GitHub issues with Forecast for the ultimate Super-Powered Project

 A simple two-way sync of project management and code

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Manage your Software Projects with GitHub and Forecast

Connect your GitHub repositories to Forecast project & resource management solution to have a perfect linage across Management, Design and Software Departments.  Making the project information accessible to everyone for better and more efficient collaboration. 
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Seamlessly collaborate on issues, pull requests & commits

Manage a task within Forecast, plan it into milestones and sprints, assign people, attach files, comment, and engage with the rest of the team through a shared environment.  The task is automatically linked to GitHub issues and pull requests, and statuses are visible in both platforms, so that everyone stays informed.

Our Customers Love It

“Finding Forecast really dealt with all my needs- Projects are running smoother and we can control the budgets better.”
Gordon, Director
“The Forecast team has been amazing at answering all the queries that we've had. The product looks and works great!”
Ye Myat Min, CEO

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