Connect Jira & Forecast for project managers to see the big picture

Promote visibility across tasks, people, and projects. Keep cross-functional teams or multiple departments in harmony.

Collaboration AI

Enjoy how everything’s connected

Plan your team's capacity based on their skills and time. The Jira integration upgrade ensures collaboration across multiple departments by syncing the smallest detail of each task. Forecast provides real-time visibility Jira is missing. You no longer need to spend hours to figure out the status of all your projects.

Get transparency into the project evolution

Stay in complete confidence when planning future projects and ensure you have the right resources. Use Forecast to get an airplane view of your projects on a portfolio level, so you know when to take in new projects, when to optimize, and where you are making money.

Make stronger data-driven decisions

Get access to exclusive insights, never available in Jira, to maximize project profitability. With Forecast's intuitive report builder, you can generate customized real-time reports, allowing you to spend more time acting on data rather than collecting it in Jira.

Keep your budget on track

The budget tap in Forecast allows you to monitor the financial aspect of the project and prevents it from getting too far out of hand. Check cost, profit & revenue anytime and see how they progress over time.

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Finding Forecast really dealt with all my needs - Projects are running smoother and we can control the budgets better.