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Visually Plan and Schedule People and Projects

Connect Forecast with Jira and get transparency across project work and team capacity at any level of hierarchy!

Combine your business and development projects into one unified view


Visual Resource Planning

Find available resources

With Forecast you have the ability to assign a task to an individual with consideration to an individual’s or team’s capacity, taking flexible work hours, vacations and holidays into account as well. Use filters to search for team, role, skill or project and get a visibility into work at any level of hierarchy.

Capacity Reports

Maximize utilization with real-time reports

Using Forecast's very simple visual report builder, you can build powerful reports and gain valuable insights and share these with clients and stakeholders. Eliminate manual status reporting, all based on your Jira data.



Allocate on a Timeline view

Drag and drop issues onto the timeline

Manage people and milestones with easy drag&drop features and see your team capacity and project deadline on a timeline view. See how changes in scope, schedule, and skills affect your plans and budget.

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Forecast integrates with the tools you already use.

Our Customers Love It

“Finding Forecast really dealt with all my needs- Projects are running smoother and we can control the budgets better.”
Gordon, Director
“The Forecast team has been amazing at answering all the queries that we've had. The product looks and works great!”
Ye Myat Min, CEO

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