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Forecast is all you need to balance the workloads and get utilization insights for the entire portfolio.
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See your bandwidth in real time

Get a real-time overview of the workload and capacity of all your resources. Easily plan and adjust the workloads to prevent bottlenecks. Set healthy standards of work to deliver with higher speed.

Schedule heatmap with the ability to drill down

Maximize resource efficiency

Automatically have utilization calculated for you on a company-wide level and get valuable insights into how employees’ available time is spent. Monitor over or under allocations and know where to adjust.

Resouce utilization overview

Facilitate time registrations

Move your team past the discomfort of registering time. Forecast’s AI learns from your previous work and suggests the number of hours to log time faster. Get an airplane view of your team’s time registrations without losing reference to your resource management. 

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Look months into the future

Understand the true status of delivery against the deadlines and how the smallest bit of time has been spent. Know the capacity at your disposal to plan future projects and make new hiring decisions. 


Get utilization insights at your fingertips

Track resource utilization data for the entire portfolio, having a full overview of how employees’ hours are spent. Report on overall work utilization and billability to run the company more economically.

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Forecast has helped us predict the future workload and avoid bottlenecks by giving us insights into what all employees are working on and how the project pipeline affects the capacity.

Gordon— Director
Adeo Group

Efficiently plan, manage, and track resources 

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